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Hello And Welcome To Elite Informatics

We're an ace herbal export and e-commerce company offering high quality Ayurvedic supplements

Herbal Products Exporter and Supplier

Elite Informatics is India's premier herbal products export and e-commerce company offering an enormous range of ayurvedic health care supplements for people from all walks of life. We are the leading supplier of over 100 natural health care supplements in India as well as abroad. Through our vast global network of online health stores, we deliver world class and premium quality herbal products worldwide. We believe in combining principles of ayurveda with the state of the art manufacturing technology. We have combined the core principles of ayurveda with new-age technology in order to manufacture unique herbal formulation powerful enough to deal with all sorts of ailments and diseases. Our business associate Ayurved Research Foundation is a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of ayurvedic supplements. This herbal production firm has gained its expertise over the years in making top-notch natural supplements using pristine quality herbs and minerals readily available in our Mother Nature.

We are wholly dedicated in alleviating the miseries of mankind with the help of ayurvedic supplements and promoting the knowledge of ayurveda throughout the world. Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old health care system, a natural way of life and a holistic principle of healing. Our ancestors toiled rigorously to determine wonderful curative properties of naturally available ingredients and comprehended their years of research work in ancient ayurvedic texts. After years of persistent efforts, we have been successful in establishing a brand name of ourselves and have gained ample popularity among the international masses. We have a proficient and dedicated staff of ayurvedic health experts and professionals which work steadfastly in spreading awareness about ayurvedic treatments among society and contributing in the welfare of mankind. We have always kept the price or earning profits below and hence there is absolutely no chance of compromising with the quality and effectiveness of our products.

100% Natural Ingredients

Highest grade pure herbal ingredients and natural nutrients

GMP Certified Quality

All products are manufactured under GMP & ISO 9001:2008 certified facility

50+ Countries Presence

We are pleased to be able to sell and ship our products worldwide.

Exporter of Ayurvedic Products

Bestselling Products

For women care, we have outstanding herbal products for curing problems like loose vaginal passage, low libido, menstrual disorders, breast enhancement and weakness. For men, we have a wide range of herbal products for diseases like erectile dysfunction, prostate disorders, premature ejaculation, low sex drive, semen leakage, low stamina, nightfall and what not. We also possess a wonderful variety of beauty products that include moisturizing creams, skin rejuvenating face packs and blood purifier pills for combating acne, pimples, scars, blemishes, dark complexion, signs of aging, etc. Even if we talk of general health supplements we cover almost every disease and ailment that exists such as diabetes, arthritis, thyroid, hemorrhoids, indigestion, kidney stones, hypertension, insomnia, obesity, low immunity, weak memory, toxic liver, low energy, poor eyesight, iron deficiency, calcium deficiency, etc.

Our Networks

We have a huge network of online health stores that are devoted in providing a delightful and secure shopping experience the interested customers. The payment procedures used by us are also highly safe and we pack the goods by following the protocol of discreet packaging to uphold the confidentiality of our customers. Our health websites also have a wonderful feature of blogs through which we provide in-depth and comprehensive knowledge on various topics like herbal treatments, home remedies, healthy lifestyle habits, beauty tips, etc. which are utterly cherished by readers. One can easily clarify any sort of query coming in mind through the medium of our online health forums. Our health discussion forums provide a fantastic platform for having a direct question and answer session with our well-informed ayurvedic doctors. One can bring any question pertaining to any disease and our herbal experts will try their best to provide a satisfactory answer to your query and also suggest a suitable herbal treatment for the same.

Key Features

  • Vast array of over 100 ayurvedic products covering almost every disease or ailment.
  • Stringent quality testing followed at each stage of manufacturing.
  • Committed towards spreading the knowledge of ayurveda around the globe
  • Strive towards bringing overall health and happiness
  • Highly effective herbal formulation
  • No risks of causing harmful side-effects
  • Wide network of online health stores
  • Safe and secure online shopping experience
  • Speedy delivery of products at your doorstep
  • Highly informative and in-depth health blogs
  • Active question/answer and health discussion forum
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  • Natural Remedies

    Excellent service and fast delivery! I would definitely love to visit your website again for more health products.

    Alison Smith USA
  • Ayurvedic Cures

    I truly believe that FitOFat capsules have helped me to gain weight in a fast and healthy manner. Thank you.

    David Jones Canada
  • Herbal Treatments

    Just wanted to thank you for supplying No Fall capsules. This product has immensely help me to overcome from nightfall.

    Jacob Moore Australia
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Quick Info

Product Range

We supply a vast array of ayurvedic products ranging from general health supplements to the products exclusively designed for men and women. These natural products comprise of herbal pills, natural massage oils, tablets and powders targeted to take care of a particular ailment or disease.


Our products are made of herbal ingredients handpicked from their Himalayan habitat and added together in a unique blend. Hence, our products are many steps ahead and advantageous as compared to their allopathic counterparts which pose potent dangers of health hazards.


We strictly follow the procedure of good manufacturing practice by strongly abiding intense quality testing employed at every stage of production i.e. from raw materials to finished goods. This ensures complete purity, safety and reliability of our herbal products.


All our products are manufactured by mixing potent herbs in precise amounts based on ayurvedic principles to form an efficient blend that does the healing without causing any side effects. Our products not only tackle the disease from its root cause but also provide overall improvement in the well-being of a person


Currently we have a highly connected export network delivering herbal products in countries like USA, UK, Russia, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Australia, Singapore, etc. and are gradually expanding it day by day. We have exciting drop shipping program for our wholesalers and OEM/ private label buyers too.