Exporter of Herbal Products

Ayurvedic Herbal Products Exporter

Elite Informatics is a leading herbal products exporter from India offering a wide range of ayurvedic products and herbal supplements. Our company's associate group Ayurved Research Foundation is a GMP and ISO certified herbal products manufacturer. If your company is looking for high quality ayurvedic herbal products in bulk at reasonable prices contact Elite Informatics today. Our products are the most popular herbal products which give optimum results without any side effects.

Our reputation is continually growing due to the high quality products and service we offer to our each and every client. All our products are natural, safe and effective and have helped thousands of people live healthy and happy lives. Our focus is to help people get healthy and stay healthy. Ayurved Research Foundation has created a state-of-the art Research and Development facility at Gurgaon, India, which is one of the best available, for traditional medicine anywhere in the world.

Qualified doctors and scientists are constantly at work, developing and evaluating new ayurvedic herbal products. Using modern research methodology and manufacturing practice, Ayurved Research Foundation has made available a safe and alternate method of treatment to people all over the world. Export of herbal products of Ayurved Research Foundation is carried out by Elite Infomatics. Our export division is rapidly widening its network worldwide, making its presence felt in several countries.

We offer three primary programs

Wholesale Program - For individual resellers, retail stores, health providers or others who purchase in bulk and who resell the products directly to consumers

Distributor Program - For large distributors who typically wholesale our products to retail stores and health practitioners and who can meet the higher minimum order volumes

OEM / Private Label Program - For those who want to market our products under their own brand name. Our OEM / Private Label program will increase the professional image of your business and your product sales and customer loyalty.

No matter which program you ultimately choose, with Elite Informatics, you will receive high quality and unique products with a large growing customer base and a recognized brand name. Visit our health portal Ayurved Research Foundation and see the complete range of ayurvedic herbal products. Buy our products at wholesale price today and take your business to a new height. The door to success is now open for you!