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Wholesale Drop ship Herbal Products

Wholesale Dropshipping Program for Herbal Products

Elite Informatics is a leading herbal products export and e-commerce company which was established in 2005, keeping in mind the promotion of holistic health science of 'Ayurveda' all around the globe. We supply top class and authentic ayurvedic products to numerous customers throughout the world in order to spread the advantages of using natural treatments among masses. We introduce people to the wonderful curative benefits of pure ayurvedic supplements with the sole mission of making a difference in people's lives and serving mankind. Elite Informatics so far has had a very successful and enriching journey of discovering, developing and distributing best herbal products to more and more people and continues to do so in its full capacity. We are wholeheartedly dedicated in providing world class services to our customers as well as clients and guarantee the foundation of a having a positive business relationship. We have earned the reputation of building friendly ties with our business partners and in providing sheer satisfaction to our consumers.

Our manufacturing associate, Ayurved Research Foundation has its one of a kind research and development facility in Gurgaon, India that matches up to the global standards in terms of quality and effectiveness. This production firm specializes in making world class ayurvedic supplements by taking aid of state of the art and highly advanced technology. Ayurved Research Foundation is duly affiliated with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) as well as ISO 9001:2000 both are based on following strict quality guidelines. As a result, stringent quality control testing is undertaken in order to uphold supreme quality of our natural products under the influence of highly trained, skilled and focused workforce. Together, we are working tirelessly in providing alternative and reliable natural treatments for several diseases and ailments. Our herbal products are made by blending pristine and highest quality natural ingredients in correct proportions resulting in an incredibly efficient ayurvedic mixture. These herbal supplements produce zero side-effects and hence are utterly safe for use.

We strive towards providing greatest quality herbal supplements and give utmost priority to its purity rather than focusing only on the price range. One will never be able to get same quality level of herbal supplements in such reasonable prices from rest other firms except us. Pure herbal composition makes them a highly suitable option for vegetarians too. If your company is looking forward to purchasing herbal health care products in bulk amounts then you have arrived at the right place. For retail store owners, individual sellers, health supplements providers and others who want to purchase our products in bulk quantities and then resell them directly to other customers we have an amazing wholesale program especially designed for you.

We provide exciting offers to the clients who are interested in our wholesale program of herbal products. The wholesale prices that we provide to our clients are extremely advantageous and best in the market offering a huge scope of making profitable earnings. One can smoothly purchase our ayurvedic products to as low as 50% off in their actual price. We also have a very low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) of 100 packs only. Our distribution system is also highly efficient which delivers the corresponding ayurvedic products in a discreet, reliable and quick manner to the desired location. We also provide great technical support for our distributors in India as well as to international distributors. Our export network is wide, making deliveries in countries outside India like Europe, USA, UK, Africa, Russia, Middle East, Australia, Singapore, etc. and marking our presence in almost every continent. We follow strict protocol of discreet and private packaging and pack all our products in plain paper so as to uphold the privacy and confidentiality of our respective clients.

We manufacture wholesale products in bulk amounts and provide excellent dropshipping facilities to our clients. You can order any number of products from 1 to 1000s and we will ensure you a hassle-free shipment at the desired location. Our vast experience in this field has made us highly familiar with the right way of shipment by giving due regard to the rules and regulations of international shipping. We provide commission rates up to 25% to 40% on our dropshipping orders which is certainly the best in the industry. We have world class storage facilities for these herbal products during shipment so one need not worry about any damage or losses. We have high repetition rate and one need not think at all about import taxes and even FDA regulations of your country as we proper take care of all of it.

There are absolutely no hidden charges, setup fee, registration fee, etc. Our dropship program will be fruitful for you in case you want to promote and sell our products through your websites, catalogs or via other marketing methods. We offer free shipping worldwide i.e. after purchasing our products you just need to add extra shipping cost and enjoy more profitable earnings. You can sell our products to customers at retail prices and earn great profits. Complete details of our ayurvedic products along with pictures will be given to you so you just have to focus on the marketing and promotion. Hence, if you are interested or have any queries pertaining to our wholesale program, dropshipping program or if you want to become distributor or reseller of our ayurvedic products, you are highly welcomed to contact us.

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