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Elite Informatics since its inception in 2005 has been completely dedicated in providing a helping hand to many a people all across the world with the help of its excellent ayurvedic products. Our company is one of the most prominent players when it comes to export and e-commerce of ayurvedic supplements. Our ayurvedic products showcase a unique amalgamation of founding principles of ayurveda with modern state of the art technology. We have collaboration with a leading herbal product manufacturing firm Ayurved Research Foundation that has already made its mark in producing immaculate quality of natural health supplements by making use of highly advanced technology. Ayurved Research Foundation is a Gurgaon, India based firm certified by Good Manufacturing Practice and ISO 9001:2000 and hence follows strict safety guidelines and international quality standards. Quality control testing is carried out at each and every stage of manufacturing from raw materials to finished herbal products.

The R&D department of the company consists of highly qualified ayurvedic doctors and herbal experts that keep on researching continuously and eventually develop new effective herbal remedies for various diseases and ailments. Our ayurvedic health care products are made out of pristine quality and handpicked ayurvedic ingredients that makes them very effective in showing remarkable results within a short interval of time. The main perk of using these herbal products is that they not only suppress the symptoms but also uproot the disease from its underlying cause. Plant-based products tend to find out the root cause and then provide targeted healing effects. Ayurvedic supplements gradually nourish and rejuvenate the overall body and help in attaining optimum health and functionality. Another marvelous feature of herbal health supplements is that they are completely free from bad side-effects or withdrawal effects all due to their pure herbal composition. They are utterly non-addictive in nature and do not contain any trace amounts of chemical fillers, additives or binders. They do not disturb the hormonal balance of our body and show stupendous long term and far reaching results.

We have an exclusive range of herbal supplements, massage oils and other natural products pertaining to general heath, women health as well as for men health. We also have a wide array of beauty care products like blood purifier pills, moisturizing lotions and skin rejuvenating face packs. Our herbal products are absolutely free of artificial coloring substances, chemical fillers, synthetic binders, sugar, salt, wheat, dairy products, artificial additives, allergens, yeast or gluten which guarantees their safety and reliability. The composition is 100% natural which makes these ayurvedic supplements an ideal treatment for vegans.

We also provide the facility of letting other companies market our outstanding herbal products under their own brand name. Our private label /OEM program is tailor-made for providing high level of ease to the interested clients and helping them to enhance the professional image of their respective businesses. We have an excellent global reputation of building valuable partnerships with our clients and having a top level of mutual understanding with them. We help our business partners in making profitable sales and earning customer loyalty. We are also an ace contract manufacturing provider and experts in customizing the packaging of products according to the buyer's choice. We specialize in providing the desired products according to your own requirements such as selecting the ayurvedic formulation, capsule size, capsule type, packaging design, way of packaging as well as the method of delivery. With the help of our proficient herbal experts and a well-equipped laboratory we are capable of providing any sort of composition of these ayurvedic supplements according to our client's wish. We have gained years of experience and expertise in manufacturing a complete range of dietary or nutritional supplements, ayurvedic medicines, herbal lifestyle products, herbal facemasks or face packs, herbal food supplements, massage oils, organic products, herbal skin and hair care products.

Every ayurvedic product we manufacture for you will go through same stringent safety policy and quality testing. These products will be adequately preserved against any degradation or contamination for a fixed period of time. All the raw ingredients we use are duly QA/QC checked to ensure full purity and top quality before starting up the manufacturing process. With using our private labeling services you are saved of any manufacturing hassles as you need to just focus on selling and marketing of these finished herbal products manufactured by us. The brand label which you select for yourself must fulfill all the federal, state as well as local requirements. Hence, that is entirely your responsibility to check whether your selected label comply with all these ongoing rules and regulations. In conclusion, we would like to say that our company is committed in granting a delightful experience and immense satisfaction with whom we do our business be it our consumers or our clients.

Hence, together we will endeavor towards enlightening people about the versatility and multiple benefits of the kingdom of ayurveda. Kindly contact us regarding our OEM/ Private label program and steer your business towards paramount success!

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