Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance of Herbal Products

Quality Assurance of Herbal Products

We at Elite Informatics are strongly committed towards ensuring total and foolproof safety of our herbal products. For the assurance of purity, effectiveness as well as trustworthiness of our pristine natural products, we have carefully selected and designed our quality testing program. Our stringent and sui generis quality testing program comprises of numerous tests and evaluation techniques that check the quality, consistency along with the potency of all our manufactured herbal products. What is more fascinating is that quality testing is conducted at each and every step i.e. from raw materials to produced goods. Our team of dedicated scientists and researchers put their paramount efforts in maintaining the safety and reliability of our ayurvedic supplements.

Below, we are duly mentioning all the laboratory tests that are undertaken on the samples and the measure values are then compared with the standard specifications.

  • Ash Testing - Ash testing is basically carried out to measure the amount of minerals present in the sample. The first and foremost step includes putting the sample under testing inside a container known as an ash muffle. Then this sample is incinerated by putting the muffle inside a hot oven such that all the organic contents are burnt leaving only residual ash. More is amount of ash, more is the mineral content of that particular sample.
  • Microbiological Testing - With the help of an instrument called as bactometer, our scientists carry our microbiological testing in order to determine the purity and quality of the herbal components of the sample. Through the aid of bactometer, growth of an organism is tested by the means of change of electrical signal passing the sample.
  • E-coli Testing - E-coli bacteria when present in large amounts can be detrimental and utterly dangerous for us. Hence, it is very crucial to test the raw materials according to the standards of the E-coli test. The raw ingredients are kept in a specially designed plate known as E-coli plate that consists of an indicator which turns all the bacteria blue. It is thus convenient for the scientists to reject that lot of raw materials which possesses high amount of bacteria.
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography - The method of chromatography is a chemical method used for the separation, identification and quantification of each component present in a mixture. We have a highly advanced state-of-the-art computerized tool that examines the purity as well as effectiveness of ingredients of a sample by the analytical method of high performance liquid chromatography.
  • Gas Chromatography - Gas chromatography is done with the aid of gas chromatography machine which splits the components of a mixture into individual elements by heating it up and forming gas. As this gaseous mixture travels up, the individual elements are separated and taken to a detection unit for further examination of quality.
  • Finished Product Auditing - As and when the herbal products are manufactured, all of them are sent for finished product testing. This test includes inspection of the bulk weight, bottle sealing, liquid volume bottle, etc. and the products are then compared with the finished product specifications to carry out the final rejection and selection process.

These rigorous quality testing methods are used which uphold our utmost dedication of providing supreme quality herbal products that match up with the international standards and catering to all the needs of our valuable consumers.