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Who We Are?

Elite Informatics is world's finest herbal export company with a wide network of online health stores offering premium quality and authentic herbal health care supplements. We are primarily based on amalgamating ancient wisdom from the Vedas with 21st century technology. We offer an exclusive range of over 100 natural health supplements, beauty products and exotic herbal massage oils for the users, retailers, distributors as well as wholesalers. Our products are globally recognized and internationally successful due to their highest quality that matches up to international standards providing subtle and mind blowing effects.

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Product Quality 100%

Customer Satisfaction 90%

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Affordable Prices 85%

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Company Mission

Our company was founded in 2005 with the sole mission of introducing fantastic healing properties of ayurvedic products to as many people possible. Since our inception, we have concentrated our diligent efforts towards the welfare of countless people all over the world through our natural health supplements. We believe in sharing this knowledge about the wonderful curative benefits of pure natural and readily available ingredients in our Mother Nature. Our mission is always in the support of a noble cause of serving the mankind that surpasses beyond the acquisitive goal of making profitable earnings.


Ayurveda is a true legacy of India tracing back its origin around 5000 years ago. Our ancestors were so exceptionally intelligent and wise at that time in unraveling the mysteries of nature and discovering marvelous qualities of pristine natural ingredients such as herbs, minerals, flowers, barks, roots, etc. with no amount of technological aid. Ayurveda is an ancient health science that focuses on a holistic principle of healing and treating various ailments through all-natural processes. After years of rigorous research our ancestors were able to compile their findings in the form of ayurvedic texts in which they comprehended about vast applications of naturally available minerals and herbs. Our company is collaborated with Ayurved Research Foundation which is a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and ISO 9001 (2000) certified herbal manufacturing firm which is truly dedicated towards making top class natural supplements for the benefit of society. Due to GMP certification, the manufacturing process is combined with strict quality testing at each stage i.e. from raw materials to finished goods so that there are no uncertainties regarding the purity and trustworthiness of these ayurvedic products.

Our pure ayurvedic products are the safest to use and they produce highly efficient results without any chances of inducing harmful side-effects in the body. Our company boasts a team of highly experienced herbal experts and talented professionals that work tirelessly in promoting the goodness of ayurveda to the general public. Together, we have been able to come up with a unique herbal formula which is based on ayurvedic principles and made by following modern manufacturing processes for tackling all sorts of disease and ailments. We have a vision of bringing herbal supplements to the mainstream society in its most unrefined form and encouraging people around the globe to make use of these marvelous natural remedies. We love to help people out of their miseries by introducing them with our amazing ayurvedic products and so far we have been successfully able to execute our guiding mission.

Our herbal products are widely acclaimed, successful in showing long lasting results in a short amount of time frame. These herbal supplements are gentle on our body showing gradual healing process. There isn't any sort of addiction on prolonged usage of ayurvedic supplements unlike that in the case of allopathic ones. Even if we consume ayurvedic supplements for a long time, there are not even slightest risks of causing any withdrawal effects. If a patient is satisfied with the end results and wants to discontinue using them, he can very well stop using them at any point of time as herbal products are completely non-addictive in nature. A person will feel completely rejuvenated and refreshed with mind, body and soul after using these herbal supplements. Just remember to follow the course for a couple of months and then you will achieve an all-round improvement in your overall bodily function and gain optimum health or well-being. Our products are globally recognized and internationally successful due to their highest quality that matches up to international standards providing subtle and mind blowing effects.

No laxity is there in terms of quality testing which is done at every step of manufacturing till we make our final goods and hence we make no compromise with the purity. This is a major reason for the popularity of our herbal products both in India and abroad. Apart from India, we supply our products to countries like U.S.A., U.K., Singapore, Russia, Africa, Middle East, Australia and Europe. So, if you are looking for right ayurvedic supplements for men, women, children, general health or beauty care, we will be glad to serve you with our wide array of herbal products for your entire family. We provide excellent services and a delightful shopping experience to our valued customers. We at Elite Informatics are fully committed to serve mankind by providing best herbal health supplements for enhancing the overall health and well being of a person.